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So what is a ROPS (previously known as QROPS)? In short, it is an overseas pensions scheme that adheres to the same rules set for pension schemes in the UK and qualifies as a fund that expats can transfer their pension into. There are a range of ROPS and broadly speaking they fit in to three categories: managed funds, investment platforms, and self-administered pension schemes.

There is a lot to consider when selecting your ROPS fund and provider, and that all starts with having a good, clear and comprehensive understanding of your risk profile and appetite, investment horizon and of course, your retirement goals. At Pension Transfers, based on your comprehensive risk assessment, we’ll help you assess various ROPS funds and providers – the differences and features (for example online account access) as they relate to your needs.

As an independent adviser firm, we are not tied to particular ROPS funds or providers and work with brands including Booster, Craigs, iSelect, and AMP.

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