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In 2014 I transferred out of my UK final salary pension scheme to QROPS with the help and advice of Tom Gilbert of UK Pension Transfers. This was not an easy decision but Tom helped me assess the pros and cons, and I took the decision to transfer. This has turned out to be the best decision I made, the investment has grown beyond my expectation and Tom and the UK Pension Transfer team really made this process easy.
Pension Transfers lives up to its name. I have used them for all of my UK to NZ pension transfers, and in every case they have ensured it runs smoothly for me (although how much frustration & anguish they experienced with my UK pension companies I cannot say). Always professional, always courteous (even when chasing me for missing info or sign-offs), always do what they say by when they say they will do it. Knowledgeable about UK tax laws and QROPS regulations, they explain my options and make recommendations (eg, don’t transfer a final salary scheme unless there is a very good reason to do so). I have learned that I can trust them and I would recommend them to everyone transferring pensions from UK to NZ.
I found your company very helpful and straight forward to deal with. There has been a lot of speculation about what you can and cannot do with your pension and I felt that you explained all the options to me without a hint of any 'hard sell'. The decision ultimately rested with me and I was very comfortable using your company to transfer my pension. Dealing with LOGICA was always difficult in the UK so I was more than happy to pass that to someone else!
Thanks for all of your help with absolutely everything, very much appreciated. We are very pleased that we chose Pension Transfers to sort everything out for us, it certainly made our lives a lot easier here.
Richard & Pauline
It is a real pleasure to deal with someone who not only understands their job but also relates to and understands the needs of the client.
Pension Transfers handled the process of my transferal with patience and punctuality and always had the right solution to the varied issues that the UK Pension Companies liked creating! I always felt in control of the process and that the final decision made to proceed was mine - there was no 'hard sell' at all. I found the whole procedure with you very organised, clear and up front. All information was available with additional explanations offered quickly, when needed. It all flowed nicely.
The prompt personalised response from the website was great. I especially liked the helpful nature of the service and at no time felt pressured into making a choice I wasn't comfortable with. A great service I would recommend.
I found the whole process surprisingly stress free and extremely quick. Pensions Transfers kept me fully abreast of proceedings and made the process very personal. It is a nice feeling knowing that your money is working for you closer to your new home and is one less worry. Many thanks.
Using the UK Cash Account saved me thousands of dollars thank you. This was one of the main reasons we used your company, otherwise the timing of the transfer was out of our control and could have cost us loads of money.
Excellent service from start to finish. We were kept fully informed throughout the process. Despite the incompetence of one of the UK administrators, Pension Transfers expedited the transaction without incurring additional cost. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Pension Transfers did a remarkable job in facilitating the transfer of my UK pension funds to NZ in spite of issues arising from transferring defined benefit pension funds. Thanks for all your help - very much appreciated.

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