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Back in New Zealand after living in the UK? Or getting ready to make the trip home? Read our handy Quick Guide on UK Pension Transfers and KiwiSaver here.

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Quick Guide for Returning Kiwis - UK Pension Transfers & KiwiSaver

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Our Quick Guide is packed full of helpful information for New Zealanders who have lived and worked in the UK, but are now back on Kiwi shores or are heading home in the near future. The benefits and potential risks to be aware of, how the UK Pension transfer process works, choosing an appropriate ROPS (Registered Overseas Pension Scheme) for your needs, key things to know about KiwiSaver and more. 

CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR QUICK GUIDE. And of course, don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Pension Transfers, if you have any queries. 


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