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Creating a financial plan for your new life in New Zealand

Have you moved to New Zealand from the UK? Having a clear financial plan can help you make the most of your future in this country. So, here are a few steps that you could work through to get you started.
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Set some money goals

When you moved to New Zealand, you may have drafted up a mental list of things you'd like to make a reality in your new home.

Would you like to retire from work early so that you can enjoy what the country has to offer? Or are you planning to buy your dream house by the beach? Maybe you’d like to have enough disposable income available to you to be able to travel to visit family and friends overseas regularly.

Whatever your aspirations are, now could be a great time to make a list of the goals that are most important to you.

Get to grips with the local financial landscape

Things can be quite different when you move to a new country, so you may want to take some time to understand how things work here.

That might mean getting a sense of what things cost - what's reasonable for groceries, for example, or how much you might expect to spend on filling up your car. How is the cost of living here changing, and what might take you by surprise?

Here are some resources that might help:

Once you get this sense of what you'll need to spend each month, and what your income is likely to be now and into the future, you can start prioritising.

Develop an investment plan

Once you have your goals set out, you can start navigating your financial roadmap by sorting your investments.

This will probably involve looking at what you currently have, including overseas pensions and other investments, and considering how they might be of use to you in New Zealand.

You might decide to move your pension or other investments, and set up some more in this country. Particularly if you're in employment, it could well be worth exploring your KiwiSaver options.

Your UK pension

If you’ve moved to New Zealand, we can help you to work out whether bringing your UK pension here is a sensible option. There is a four-year window of time in which you can transfer the money, tax-free. Some people find it makes sense to move their pension to their new home country, but the decision needs to be made carefully.

Ready to get going?

If you'd like to talk about whether moving your pension to this country is a good idea, as part of your wider financial plan, get in touch with us. We are experts when it comes to UK pension transfers and can help you weigh up the various factors at play to work out the right path for you.

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