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"The prompt personalised response from the website was great. I especially liked the helpful nature of the service and at no time felt pressured into making a choice I wasn't comfortable with. A great service I would recommend."


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UK Cash Account

Use our effective process and you could save yourself thousands of hard earned dollars.

Eliminate the exchange rate issue when transferring your pension from the UK to NZ with Pension Transfers Limited. We can transfer your pension funds and hold them within a QROPS UK Cash Account earning interest until you're happy with the exchange rate. Once it comes time to transfer your funds from Pounds Sterling to New Zealand Dollars we can arrange this for you.

Benefits of the UK Cash Account

  • As pension transfers can take time, why not start the process now without having to worry about the exchange rate
  • Once you're funds arrive in NZ we can arrange to hold them in Pounds Sterling until you're happy with the exchange rate
  • Once you're happy with the exchange rate we can convert your Pounds Sterling to New Zealand Dollars
  • You could save yourself thousands of hard earned dollars by using our simple but effective process
  • Just click on the "Get Started" button, it's that easy!
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