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Emigration checklist: From passports to emergency numbers

Moving abroad is an exciting prospect, but with so much to organise, it can be easy to forget something. Whether you’re packing and surrounded by boxes, or just starting to plan your move overseas, our currency partner Global Reach has written a quick checklist to give you some of the key things to consider.
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  1. All the vital info – passports, travel documents, and visas. These might be the most obvious items to cover, but it’s important to keep them close by for the first few weeks of your move. You might find that customs and other institutions will request them, so save time hunting through lots of boxes and keep them somewhere safe.
  2. Get your family covered - medical insurance. This can be a very easy aspect of a move to forget, but it’s worth researching the healthcare of your chosen country and finding out if you’ll need private medical coverage. Some countries even require you to have a medical plan before they grant a visa.
  3. Last-minute check-ups – head to the doctor. Make sure you’re leaving in great shape; visit the doctor, confirm you have all the relevant jabs, and have a check-up to ensure you’re ready for your new life abroad.
  4. Store contacts in your phone – emergency numbers. Research your new country’s emergency services and store their contact numbers in your phone, and family member phones so you’re not caught out if an emergency should occur.
  5. Contact everyone that might need to know - change your details. From the DVLA and passport office to credit card companies and the postal service, make sure they have your new address and details. If you’re taking your car, don’t forget to update your insurance policy too.
  6. Make sure your pets are ready – details and inoculations. Pets need vaccinations for overseas travel too, so make sure they’re up to date with a quick trip to the vet. Call to adjust their microchip details ahead of your move as well, just in case.
  7. Rent or buy – organise your accommodation. Finding accommodation can take a long while, so allow plenty of time to search. If you want to move a large amount of money overseas for a property purchase, speak to our currency partner Global Reach to discuss locking in an exchange rate for up to two years.
  8. Make the most of your money – compare exchange rates. Talking to a currency specialist ahead of your move gives you the opportunity to maximise your overseas money transfers. By speaking to our currency partner Global Reach, you could move your funds abroad with competitive rates, access to their Dealing team, and an intuitive online platform.

If you’d like to discuss moving your money abroad, contact Global Reach on +44 (0)20 7989 0000 or visit Global Reach Group.