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Covid-19: 'Very high-risk' country list announced

Travel from India, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, and Pakistan is temporarily restricted to New Zealand citizens, effective 11.59 pm 28 April.
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The Government has created a new 'very high-risk country' category, including India, Papua New Guinea, Brazil and Pakistan. The new category means that - effective 11.59 pm 28 April - only NZ citizens, their partners, children and parents are allowed to travel from said countries.

Also, all travellers from very high-risk countries will require evidence of a negative PCR test from an accredited laboratory within 72 hours priors to travel. All other travellers, including residents, will be required to have been outside of the very high-risk countries for at least 14 days before flying to New Zealand. 

Countries can be designated as very high risk if:

  • there have been more than 50 cases of Covid-19 per 1,000 arrivals to New Zealand from those countries in 2021, and
  • there are more than 15 travellers on average per month. 

With these changes, the Government aims to significantly reduce the number of people with Covid-19 arriving in New Zealand. The new category is likely to affect employees flying to New Zealand from those countries, so if you need assistance or clarification, we recommend talking to an immigration adviser.